Mystery Math ₹349incl of GST


Explore the magic of math in day-to-day life through our mystery maths workshop!


Mystery Math is an engaging and interactive online maths workshop designed for kids aged 9–11. In this workshop, we will use a gamified approach to learning, where kids will engage in hands-on activities, fun games, and puzzles to learn about various maths concepts. We will also focus on practical examples and real-life scenarios to help kids connect the dots between maths and the world around them. By the end of the workshop, not only will your child have a solid foundation in maths, but he or she will also develop a deeper appreciation for maths and its practical applications in everyday life.

What you will learn?

-How can we apply mathematics to solve real-life problems?

- Why is pi equal to 3.14?

- How can LCM and HCF change our lives?

- Why are water bottles cylindrical in shape?

Price ₹ 296

Gst(18%) ₹ 53

Total ₹ 349

Activities 10

Live session 1

Duration 4 hours