Science of Flight ₹3540incl of GST

8 - 10yrs

Investigate the concepts of flying and the fundamentals of aerodynamics.


The science of flight  will sure be an adventure journey for the kids into the concepts of flying and fundamental aerodynamics. Kids will learn and understand different designs of aircraft through the hands-on activities in our activity kit. This workshop empowers them to build their own DIY glider and explore its flight. Join our workshop to unfold the wings of learning.

What you will learn?

-Why do different objects fall through the air at different speeds?

- Why do some toys, like frisbees, fly through the air better than others?

- What makes a paper airplane or kite fly, and how can you make it fly better?

- How does a boomerang come back to the same place where it started?

Price ₹ 3000

Gst(18%) ₹ 540

Total ₹ 3540

Activities 16

Live sessions 4