Take Diversion ₹3770incl of GST

8 - 10yrs

Learn the principles behind reflections and refractions.


The Take Diversion Workshop provides simplified, fun, and interesting classes on reflection and refraction principles using lenses and mirrors. Through this course, kids are exposed to various DIY models to get hands on experience with the concepts. These hands on activities aim to encourage kids to try out various experiments and explore science through fun and playful learning. Join our workshop to take your junior scientist to the next level

What you will learn?

-Why do stars twinkle?

- Why do we see our images in a mirror?

- How does the spectacle help us read and see things?

- Why do things look bigger or smaller in a mirror?

Price ₹ 3195

Gst(18%) ₹ 575

Total ₹ 3770

Activities 16

Live sessions 4